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Kristi desu!
10 April 2010 @ 09:08 pm
Ninja Assassin was amazing. :) Seriously amazing. How amazing? 10 out of 10 amazing. I was entertained the whoooole way through. Even more shockingly, it wasn't just because of Rain's sexyness. In fact...

Rain emotes well facially, and his 'ow I'm in pain sounds' are very good. (Which may be why movies like to beat him up?) But he doesn't carry a leading role extremely well, at least not in this case. Why? Dialogue. It was on the Christian Bale level, and no, I'm not a fan of Christian Bale's acting. It's easy to blame it on his lack of english skillz, but look. He was given a lead role with plenty of dialogue and failed to deliver it wonderfully, that's the bottom line. The movie MIGHT have done better with someone who could be more charming in words. Because the dialogue itself was REALLY good, I thought. Rain just, very often, failed to nail it.

(But at the 'boyband' remark, his expression was SO PERFECT I would have NEVER wanted someone else to do it. xD)

The lead female was AMAZING. How often can I say that? Not often. Actresses so often lack so much. This woman really shocked me. She rocked at everything and I want to see her in more please.

LEE JOON, my sweetie, my cute little MBLAQ kid who's older than me... You were just as good as Rain. :B Goodjob!

What else? OH YES. Everyone told me, "This movie is gorey. It's good for violence and eh the story was simple so not much else."

This story's concept was unique for big buck Hollywood movies, and mainstream America should find it refreshing. The story itself was seriously on point, and very well done. I guess I have a pack of friends who are into complexity, but I still loooove simple movies. I think they're best that way. So I thought the story was perfect.

Now the gore. It wasn't so much gore. It was like Kill Bill, unfortunately, and yes - despite how I like Kill Bill - I do mean unfortunately. :( Splashes of blood and graphic images in ways that almost seem to be going for artsy. VERY much like anime, but here's the key difference. Anime is animated, and everything should be exaggerated and big and fantastical. This is real people, and in the context of films like this one and Kill Bill - over the top, unnatural 'gore' does not work for me. I know it works for some people. Just not me.

"Kristi - that 'gore' is 90% of the movie. How can you give it a 10/10 if you didn't like it?"

The fight scenes were so well choreographed that I was able to forgive the stupid CG. :)

SO. Ninja Assassin. One of the best movies ever. and about a million times better than Rain's music rofl.

SO ANYWAY HOW IS ME? I'm good, guys. Sorry for more emo the other day. I needed to let it out. Today, I left the house, thus my cabin fever has been temporarily cured. Tomorrow, I'll probably leave the house again, woohoo. XD

I'm feeling especially good after seeing a good movie. And I'm about to write some drabbles for Kie. Off with me~.
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Kristi desu!
06 April 2010 @ 07:27 pm
Super long.Collapse )

When everything else sucks, good music is still good music.

"Konayuki" Remioromen *Japanese*
Song from the awesome J-drama "1 Litre of Tears", which makes it very sad, and appropriate for this very sad post.

"Ai ni, Ai ni" Super Junior M *Chinese*
8) You can't be sad if you're listening to this song!!! silly goat!!! Okay you can be, but this post needed something happy.
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Kristi desu!
04 April 2010 @ 09:47 pm
The day flew by. Mom and I spent it shopping and cooking. Then eating. But I'll start at the beginning.

Tony, Jenny, Jadyn, and Benjamin all left early on.. suddenly telling us that it'd only be three of us for dinner! Mom, Barry, and me. Oh well~. Mom and I decided to go grocery shopping for last-minute dinner ingredients. While we were there, we also picked out a lot of flowers for the garden. Mom bought me Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Milk and Cookies flavor, cause the flavor made me so curious. X3 Perhaps I'll let you know how it is when I try it. (Today, I'm full from yummy dinner!)

I had been pestering mom, saying we should rent Ninja Assassin from our redbox. Mom... mom was not interested in seeing it at all. Soo. When we went to the redbox I decided we should get something maybe all three of us would like. I sadly gave up my hopes of Rainliness and we got 'The Box' with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, as I've still yet to see a movie with James Marsden that I didn't like.

We got home and Barry left to go shoot guns with a friend. So we killed time. Mom watched the end of Coraline and I, after reading a couple chapters of "The Reckoning", washed her vehicle. When I was done, I went to put the hose away and saw a BIGGGG black widow spider. I told mom. She has a big fear of black widow spiders, she has this whole past story.. anyway. She was very upset about this. :( I felt a little bad for telling her.

So then we cooked. I made my first ever corn pudding, from my Grandma's recipe. :3 Ah. And then we ate. Unfortunately, Barry wasn't back yet. It was just me and her. We ate like PIGS. The food was awesome, we are such good cooks lol. We also had a new kind of wine, and mom liked it a lot - so did I. As we finished dinner, I took a sip of it... and laughed at something I thought of so hard I spit it across the table onto mom!!! I apologised a lot. xD .. Then... Jenny came in, to our surprise. She had to get some stuff cause they decided to stay the night in Warfield.

She had some of the food, and loved my corn pudding. *_* She told us about her cruise and after a while of such, she left. Mom and I gave up on Barry showing up, so we turned on 'The Box'. Then.. Barry showed up, lol.

Barry: Who made the cherry cheesecake?
Mom: Nobody.
Barry: Well somebody made it, it's right here.
Mom: It's not cherry cheesecake.
Barry: Oh. STRAWBERRY cheesecake.
Mom: *giggling* It's not strawberry cheesecake either.
Barry: Oh. Who made the cherry cheesecake then?
Mom: It's STRAWBERRY PIE. There's nothing cheesecake about it!!
(Yes he was serious and no, mom's strawberry pie looks nothing like cheesecake.)


Mom: Honey, it's CORN pudding.
Barry: Oh who made the corn pudding?
Mom: Kristi did.
Barry: Oh, it's GOOD!!!
(He further proved how much he liked it by eating more than half of it!!! I'm so pleased. :) My pudding is a hit~.)

We then all watched 'The Box'. Hrm. How did I feel about it? It seems to want to complicate itself. There were many plot points that had.. nothing really to do with the plot. It was spacey in places and confusing. It seemed to want to be a scifi film without having enough scifi. I would say the beginning and end were pretty good, and the rest not so much. I wouldn't say it's a bad movie, so James Marsden, you've done it again. ;)

That was my Easter. Here's mp3s that I'm really loving lately. :)

4Minute's "Musik" *Korean*
Girl band song. :) It's really fun to dance to. I first heard it in a variety show and was like "Hay. Catchy much?" I then had to run and find what it was. Run. As in hurriedly type in 'google.com' lol.

The TRAX's "Over the Rainbow (Rock Version)" *Korean*
If it wasn't for the "Nyaa nyaa nyaa" part, this would be my favorite TRAX song. X3 Anyway. I'm not the biggest fan ever of rock music generally, but I absolutely love this. Translations I find conflict with each other and confuse me, but the song generally seems to be about someone who leaves so they can become a better person for their loved one. :B :B :B

Abe Mao's "want you DARLING" *Japanese*
Do you like srsly cute things? Well this song is one of those. I got this song on an album with various artists, and this is still all of Abe Mao's that I've heard but aww. What an adorable voice~~!! Also talented. If anybody can actually rec more of her songs, I'd be happy. ^^ From my bad Japanese, I interpret it as a girl from the point of view of a stalker girl with an obsession big crush on somebody.

OKAY And that's all. Hope you love the songs as much as I do. *_*
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Kristi desu!
03 April 2010 @ 08:46 pm
Happy (early) Easter everybody.

Today I cut up celery, carrots, onion, strawberries, melons, broccoli, and green pepper. I'm usually not trusted near knives, but it's been a day of good practice. I only nearly stabbed myself twice.

Tomorrow mom and I will make Turkey, mashed potatoes, erm.. other stuff I forgot.. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, STRAWBERRY PIES. I love my mom's strawberry pie-ai-ai-ai-aiya-ai! (MiniMoni anybody?) It's really simple, but it's nom nom.

I bought Kelley Armstrong's "The Reckoning", and so far I've only read the first chapters which were posted on the website before the book came out. So I've just reread stuff. But it's good. Hopefully the whole book is.

I'm addicted to two songs lately. With this nice weather lately, you might expect me to be in a mood for cheery music. 8) But these are both ballads~. Here's downloads.

"Ai Nante" Tegoshi Yuya (solo version) *Japanese*
This was originally sung by Nishikido Ryo, Tegoshi Yuya, and Shigeaki Kato. It was my favorite NEWS song then. There's an english version of it by Thomas Godoj, a German singer. Now this version has arrived~ Tego only. It seems that whenever I'm introduced to a version of this song, I'll listen to it 1,000 more times. It must be one of my favorite ballads evar, if it's not totally number one. Note that the mp3 is a PV rip. It was a special PV on a NEWS dvd so idek if this version has been released on CD/mp3.

I interpret the lyrics to be like "I was miserable without you and can't live without you again so don't be sad, I'm gonna be here for you."

"Wrongly Given Love" Zhang Li Yin featuring Jonghyun *Chinese*
It's not this whole song I'm into. It's the chorus and the harmonies. (The first two minutes and twenty seconds are boring rofl) Jonghyun was very young when he did this, so maybe that's why, but he sounds SOO different. His voice is smoother. Maybe less unique, but I like it. Of course Zhang Li Yin's voice is crazy hawt. :) I wish I could find a live performance of this.

Let me know what you think if ya download them. 8D

Thassall from me. :B If nothing else I will tries to post more mp3s soon (possibly in strongbabypanda.)

I just read a certain ljers certain entry about me and almost cried omg ;_; I feel so lucky to be able to make such amazing friends. I love you all.
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Kristi desu!
09 March 2010 @ 08:29 am
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Kristi desu!
01 August 2009 @ 10:51 pm
SO Mostly I posted this because um 1) I want to look back at this and hate myself one day, 2) it provides.. for you all.. great insight... as to what retards me and Kie are. ISSOUR TRUE UNCENSORED SELVES. 3) awesome macros, thanks Kie.


Me: Sungmin bothers me sometimes.
Me: But Leeteuk is the new failure of the week.
Me: I give up on him forever.
Me: this week.
Kie: Oh shush,the man is old and lonely.
Kie: He wants babies and such.

Kie: Kibum wants in with ShiHanChul... XD

Me: Jackie I'm so offended by your comment, so you know.
Kie: What comment?
Kie: XO
Me: About ShiHanChul.. and Kibum wanting to join. ugh.
Me: Kibum was clearly Heechul's first wtf.
Kie: Yea, but they split, and ShiHanChul formed.
Kie: Now Kibum wants a harem and can't have one. XD
Me: NO NO Because Kibum was totally in with Hankyung.
Me: I will bring on the photo proof.
Kie: Ooooh kay
Me: I insist that Siwon is the outcast. XD XD XD;;;
Me: Fine ok I have rethought your statement and agree.
Kie: Aha, you agree. I win. XD
Me: As long as you know Kibum wuz thar first.

MORE MORE.Collapse )
Kristi desu!
08 April 2009 @ 09:35 pm
If you are one of the people that was removed from this friends list, I offer my sincerest apologies. This has become an extremely personal journal, however. I doubt the entries would even interest you any more!
Kristi desu!
14 August 2008 @ 09:05 pm
have found yourself unfriended then you probably missed my friends cut entry. If you want to be friended back, leave a comment on the friends only post and say more then "But it's me!".. I did cut you for a reeeason. If you want to know why, comment and ask here.

Comments are screened.
Kristi desu!
27 January 2008 @ 12:00 am
This post is ONLY for people who want me to add them~! With this journal! I would like it best if you have already added me when I read your comment. For one thing, it makes me easier for me to add you back. For another, there's no point in me friending you if you won't friend me back! If you haven't added me back within a week of my adding you, you'll be unfriended. =(

Don't worry like... "I don't wanna comment and get REJECTED."

If you comment on this post, I will add you to my friends list. Unless you say something totally annoying and rude. BUT OF COURSE YOU WON'T. You're a cool person. I can tell.

I will say this: If your journal annoys me, you're gonna get unfriended.

Well what annoys you in a person's journal?

1. Drama after drama after drama after drama! I don't mind drama, AT ALL. But if your journal is nothing but WHINING, then I can't take it!!!

2. Tons of layout stretching or high quality pictures. NOO. I have dial-up so huge pictures, or youtube video after youtube video is a problem for me. Put the big stuff behind an lj-cut if you wanna stay on my FL. (If you put a lot of little pictures in your entry, it won't bother me at all. In fact, entries with pictures are better!)

3. Not updating enough! In certain situations, I understand. I'd like it if you AT LEAST updated monthly! I post daily, and I want you to post daily too!

Anything else would probably be something more personal. Like you offended me time and time again by bashing one of my friends, or something like that.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know who you are when you comment. Don't just say "ADD ME PLEEZ". Say, "You commented on my icons here." or, "I think you're cool." or "We met at this con, I wore this costume" or "Your friends of my friends."... anything like that.

DO NOT add me to be a number on your friends list. DO NOT add me so I'll comment on your entries. Add me if you have a genuine interests in my entries, or add me back because I have a genuine interest in yours. XD

Before you add me, make sure you've read my userinformation. Particularly, the warnings. I'm not going to censor myself for anybody.

If you and I have like nothing in common, I'm going to eventually unfriend you. Yess.

On that note, if I don't comment on EVERY ONE of your entries - don't freak out. I actually do have somewhat of a life!!! I usually won't comment on entries that already have a lot of comments anyway, unless it's something I reeeally wanna comment on.

All comments are screened, which means only me and the poster will see them!

edit: I don't reply to your comments, I simply add you. I've added two commenters now, only to not be added back. Therefore, from this point on, please add me before you comment.
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